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In Name Only

The International Council for Democratic Institutions and State Sovereignty


According to the ICDISS website: "No political agenda is being advocated by the International Council for Democratic Institutions and State Sovereignty. ICDISS works for the strengthening of democratic institutions and state sovereignty, and does not argue for or against any nationalist group or ideological affiliation." However, they are listed as the backers of pridenstrovie.net, the "official" site of the Russian-dominated Moldovan separatist Transnistrian "government" and as the administrative contact for visitpmr.com, a Transnistrian travel site.

The ICDISS is nothing more than a front for representing Russian interests in the "frozen conflict" area of the Transdniester on the Internet.[1] Megan Stephenson, a spokesperson for ICDISS, has denied these charges (Megan Stephenson: "Western NGOs can make headway when governments can't"—in the Tiraspol Times, another source of pro-Transnistrian propaganda).

The Economist has published articles highlighting the ICDISS's lack of a physical presence and lack of independent verification of its activities and previous existence. The Economist has also reported that prominent academics cited as sources for a "report" published by the ICDISS have disclaimed any connection with the organization.

[1] ICDISS and related web sites:

  • icdiss.org - registered to ICDISS in Mexico City
  • pridnestrovie.net - registered to ICDISS as administrative contact
  • tiraspoltimes.com - registered to the Tiraspol Times, however, employs the same Mexican distributed name service (DNS) provider as the ICDISS sites
  • visitpmr.com - registered to ICDISS as administrative contact

The above information re-verified as of November 5, 2007.

Purveyors of Propaganda

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